How to order:

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We take extra special care of every cake we make. From the making in our studio, to its final destination

If you require us to deliver your cake for you, then of course we can do that. We can either liaise with the event location or with yourself if it’s at a private location. Delivery also includes the set up of the cake.

Delivery is subject to an extra charge based upon mileage. Please just let us know where you would like us to deliver to and we can let you know what the cost will be.

Deliveries to central London will also incur the congestion charge.

Further Afield

If you would like us to deliver beyond the South East of England, this can be arranged but the cost will be worked out on an individual basis.


Of course some of our cakes may be collected. It will be left up to our discretion if we feel a cake is too large or too fragile for anyone but ourselves to transport. If this is the case, it will incur the delivery charge necessary for the location of your event.

If collection is the option, a convenient time will be arranged for the cake to be picked up with instructions on how to safely transport the cake.

It must be noted that once to cake leaves the studio of Orange Rabbit Cakes it is no longer our responsibility if it is damaged during transportation.