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Jams, Curds and Marmalades

Thursday Cottage Jams

I’m really chuffed to announce that Orange Rabbit Cakes will now only be using jams, curds and marmalades from the Thursday Cottage range.

Flavour is at the heart of everything we make here. Any passionate chef, baker, chocolatier, patisserie, pastry chef or home baker will tell you, if you want to create a top quality end result then the quality ingredients and produce that are the building blocks of what we make. In short, use great ingredients, get a great product.

This brings me on to the Thursday Cottage range of jams, curds and marmalades and why we use them here at ORC. Firstly, I’m a sucker for using produce that is from the country of origin, in our case, British produce. It’s factory is only 65 miles up the road in Essex. Secondly, it is an artisan brand, only cooking in small batches, hand stirring and pouring their produce. This ensures that the fruit receives the care and attention it needs to lock in flavour and ensures the fruit stays as whole as possible. Thirdly, it quite simply tastes fantastic. It’s not overly sweet. Also, the pectin content in the jams and marmalades and setting point of the curds lends itself really well for wedding and special occasion cakes. When filling and stacking cakes the last thing you want is sloppy fillings.

“It’s easy to make jam,  It’s difficult to find really good jam”

Says Pam Corbin, also known as Pam the Jam.

The guys and girls of Thursday Cottage agree, which is one of the main reasons they bought Thursday Cottage from Hugh & Pam Corbin in 2002. They may have moved to Essex but nothing much has changed since Thursday Cottage was established in 1963 – the batches are still small with about 100 jars made from every boil. The ingredients are the finest they can find to complement their recipes.

They make over 120 different curds, jams and marmalades, fruit coulis and a host of Christmas and gifting products.  They also make organic and reduced sugar jams and marmalades, which are proving increasingly popular with their customers.

You won’t find Thursday Cottage products in the supermarkets because they like to support the independent trade, which is where they started over 50 years ago.

Here is a link to a video of the process that goes into making their produce Hopefully I will be able to go on a tour soon and take a closer look at the process for myself.