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Our cakes cater for all. So if you have any dietary needs or allergies, just let us know. We wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Many people today have varied dietary needs or allergies. So here is some information on what we can offer.

In or Out?


Wheat and Gluten Free

If it’s a wheat or gluten free cake that you are after then of course we can accommodate. Any of the flavours listed on the menu can be changed using Doves flour and leavening products. We do use cornflour for a lot of our icings and decorating. This, of course is both wheat and gluten free.

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Most of our cakes do not contain nuts, but a couple do. If you require a cake without any nuts, then we can make that for you. However, it needs to be noted that all cakes made at Orange Rabbit Cakes are not made in a nut free environment.

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No peanuts are used in any of our recipes, but once again, all the cakes made at Orange Rabbit Cakes are not made in a peanut free environment.

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Milk is found in a number of the products we use in baking including buttermilk, fats, butter, milk powder and chocolate. It is possible to use lactose free products, but we would have to use a lactose free spread to replace the butter in our buttercream. This may have limitations to your design requirements.

Eggs Icon


We can produce our cakes without any eggs if you require. This will change the texture of your cake though and give it a more open crumb. Please be aware of this for cutting purposes.

Sugar Icon


Unfortunately we do not make any of our cakes sugar free.

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Unfortunately we do not make vegan cakes.

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