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Pretty important stuff this. After all it’s the ingredients that make up the building blocks of what makes our cakes taste amazing.

We have a philosophy here at Orange Rabbit Cakes to use top quality ingredients, to support and use British farmed produce where possible and to know where our ingredients come from.

In  The Mix



As the main staple of any cake, this one is at the top of the list. Whether it is self-raising, plain or gluten/wheat free flour, it is really important to use a great quality flour from mills that have centuries of knowledge and experience. We use Shipton Mill Organic for our staple flours and Doves Farm Organic range for our dietary requirement flours.  They are trusted brands and they are flours that we have used for many years, giving us results that both taste fantastic and give our cakes a great texture.



Adding that bit of sweetness, we use sugar from sugar beet that is both farmed and processed in Britain.



These bad boys shouldn’t travel too far so we make sure only free range eggs are used. Our eggs are British and are from farms that are as local as possible. To ensure that the freshest eggs are used, we buy them as and when needed on our baking days.



100% British butter is used in our buttercream, from British cows roaming around our green and pleasant land.



All of the jams, curds and marmalades that we use here at Orange Rabbit Cakes are from Thursday Cottage in Tiptree, Essex. They are an artisan brand who hand prepare and open pot cook and hand pour all their great tasting products.



We use Callebaut Chocolate whether it is dark, milk or white. They use a blend of beans from around the world to produce the particular chocolate that we use, then it is processed in Belgium. It tastes wonderful with heady aromas and a rich velvety finish.

Many other ingredients are used in our baking and we make sure they are all great tasting, high quality products.

Food Hygiene Rating 5